Beneath the soft pastel colors of Remii Huang’s films lies the intelligent and visceral storytelling that defines this young auteur. At their core Remii Huang’s films are complex character studies with profound social messages that leave their stories lingering in the mind of the audience long after the credits have rolled.


     Born in Taiwan, Remii spent a large portion of her life in Indonesia. It was there that she began to develop a keen interest in the inner life of humanity. Later she honed her skills as a director at Art Center LA in the United States and currently is based between Los Angeles and Taipei. Her work peers deep into the emotional and psychological struggles of her characters and explore the messy reality of the relationships we build and break between one another.







Art Center College of Design- BFA in Film Directing



English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Bahasa



水星記 Mercury Records 2017

Golden Melody Award 金曲獎- Best Music Video Shortlisted

做個夢給你 Never Let You Go 2017

Taiwanese American Film Festival- Audience Award Winner

你要我要 Things We Want 2016

Radar Award- Best Cinematography Shortlisted 

New Media Film Festival- Best Music Video Official Selection

Summer in the Water 2015

IndieFest- Award of Merit (Female Filmmaker)

LA Shorts Fest Official Selection 

Boston International Kids Film Festival Official Selection

California International Film Festival Official Selection

"In the society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act."


- Problem Child Picture

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